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It’s been an incredibly fun few weeks, here in the Kindergarten Room!  We certainly know how to pack the most into our days and take these summer months by storm!

We’ve travelled deep into the jungle to learn all about the creatures that are lurking in trees, roaming through pride lands, and soaking up the luscious greens in the rainforest.  With the help of our binoculars, we were able to spot, and identify, thirty different animals, on our safari expedition!  Ask your children about the “adorable & cuddly” Quokka!  Lots of singing and dancing took place as we were reacquainted with our Disney friends.  Character and movie trivia were the highlight of that week!  A few days in outer space had the kindergarten crew exploring our solar system and all its planets, launching rocket ships and going for a moon walk!  Water Day was a huge success, thanks to our local firefighters and their gigantic “sprinkler” system.  And we rounded out the month with a “Wacky Week”, consisting of silly stories, goofy games, and special themed dress-up days!

We’re not letting the heat get us into a slump, as we have so many more exciting adventures to go on, and things to explore this summer! We’re kicking off the month of August with an “Insect Investigation”.  Our JK/SKs will be identifying and learning all about the unique features & unusual habits of these creepy, crawly critters.  We’ll be spinning webs in the gymnasium, taking our magnifying glasses outdoors, and our busy bees will have lots to create in the art station.

During our most anticipated week, the kindergarten crew will be getting “Down with the Dinosaurs”.  We’ll travel back in time to discover the many different types of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores that once roamed our Earth. Our clever paleontologists will put on their safety glasses, as they take part in our classroom “big dig” (in search of dinosaur bones).

And lastly, we’ll be diving underwater to discover the “Commotion in the Ocean”.  Our kindergarten group will uncover the five layers of the ocean and discover the many amazing creatures that live within them.  Don’t be surprised if we stumble upon a pirate’s map, and a series of clues that may lead straight to a hidden treasure!  Ahoy, Mateys!

Please keep an eye on our Kindergarten calendar for even more of our specially planned theme days & activities!  Thanks!

Children starting Kindergarten September 2022  – please note that Kindergarten does not start till the week of September 12th for most JK/SK students (please check your corresponding school board calendar ). Please let us know of your childcare needs for that first week of September.