Kindergarten News

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We certainly rang in the new month with a bang here in the Kindergarten room! Our July 1st celebrations started a day early as we decked our room out in red and white, played games in the dark gym with our festive glow sticks and read stories about our Country. Our JK/SKs belted out their rendition of “Happy Birthday”, and devoured their themed cupcakes to celebrate Canada’s 155th birthday. Several of our friends followed the long weekend up with stories of firework displays, parades, and cottage trips.

Next up, for our kindergarten crew is a safari expedition. We’ll be prepping for the trip by learning all about the wild animals that we might encounter on our little adventure. Our homemade binoculars should be helpful as we explore the school, in hopes to find as many exquisite animals as we can. Of course, we’ll “brainstorm” ahead of time to make sure that our back pack is equipped with all the items we might require to keep us safe in the jungle!

We’ll be getting down with all things “DISNEY”, in the middle of July, with lots of movie trivia, a Disney “Dance Off” (and other movement games), and special characters in our Mystery Bag.

Our Valentine’s project was so well received, that we’ve decided to surprise the seniors (at Iler Lodge) once again. According to our “Every Day is a Holiday” calendar, Friday, July 15th is “Give Something Away” Day. So, our crafts, it is! Our incredibly kind-hearted kindergarten friends will prep some colourful creations to deliver to the seniors, in hopes of brightening their day!

Always such an exciting week when our kindergarten crew blasts off into outer space! They love to learn all about the planets that make up our solar system. We’ll be “walking” on the moon to celebrate National Moon Day, launching balloon rockets in our classroom, and taking our space ships outside to see how far they will fly into the galaxy. Don’t be surprised if a UFO appears, unexpectedly, in your home that week! We plan to wrap up the month, a little on the “WACKY” side! Our JK/SK friends will be rocking each day with a different theme. We hope to see lots of unique hats, crazy hair, mismatch socks (or anything else they come up with!). Dr. Seuss will be the perfect addition to the Wacky Week, with his silly stories and outrageous adventures. And we’ll finish things up with a comfy pajama day to set the stage for another holiday weekend.

Just a reminder, the S.B.E.L.C. will be closed for the Civic Holiday, on Monday August 1st .