Kindergarten News

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Spring is finally here, but certainly not in the way that we were hoping!  Our kindergarten class has decided that Mother Nature is a bit confused, and we’ve spent several days trying to help her out.  We’ve added Springtime colouring sheets to our art cart, hung laminated cardstock suns throughout the classroom, and put up chick & bunny window clings.  But even Miss Averie’s sunshine art activity didn’t seem to do the trick!  So, . . . we are now expecting to see an abundance of colour in the upcoming weeks, as “APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS!”

This month, we are happy to welcome a couple more new friends to our crew!  Our JK/SK class is definitely a busy one, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  The more, the merrier, they say!  Check out our S.B.E.L.C. “KIND”ERGARTEN hallway bulletin board to see all of our smiling faces!

Along with the MANY April birthdays, in our kindergarten class, we are excited to soon be celebrating Easter, too!  We’ll be showing off our creative side as we’ve got wreaths to make, eggs to decorate, and cookie cutter painting to do.  A brand new “bunny hop” will be added to circle time fun, as well as their favourite Easter egg hiding game, and we’ve got plenty of holiday books to incorporate into our AM & PM story time!

It may not be recognized everywhere, but according to our “Holiday Every Day” calendar, Thursday, April 21st is “Kindergarten Day!” We’re not sure how, just yet, but you can be sure that our 4 – 6 year old friends will have a fun-filled day of songs, dance, & music to help us celebrate our special day!

In mid-April, the Kindergarten crew will shift their focus to helping keep our planet clean.  Friday, April 22nd is officially “Earth Day!” We’ll be conducting our own little playground clean-up and playing a special version of BINGO (that’ll remind us of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, & recycle).  We invite all our friends & family to do one small gesture to help the Earth as well.  Together, our little bodies can make a BIG difference!