Kindergarten News

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Will he see it?  Will he not?  We’re going to kick off the new month with Groundhog’s Day and hope to get an answer to those questions.  If that famous rodent sees its shadow, he’ll run back into his hole to hide, and we’ll expect six more weeks of winter.  Let’s pray for a cloudy day, to ensure that Spring is on its way!  Stay tuned!

The month of February brings plenty of opportunities for our Kindergarten crew to show how much they care for others.  Our “Holiday Everyday” calendar shows “Send-A-Card-to-a-Friend” Day (on the 7th).  What a great idea for an art activity!  “Make-A-New-Friend” Day (Feb. 11th) and “Random-Acts-of-Kindness” Day (on the 17th) will have us thinking of creative ways to show how kindness can be shared.

After last year’s success, our JK/SK group will, once again, be making Valentine cards and crafts to send to the seniors at Iler Lodge (here, in Essex).  Our colourful creations certainly brightened their day! We were happy to receive correspondence back (photos of those smiling seniors), that we could hang on our classroom bulletin board.

And last, but not least, we’ll celebrate “National-Tooth-Fairy” Day on February 28th.  We’ll read stories about Moose’s Loose Tooth, How to Catch a Tooth Fairy, and make fairy wands of our very own!

We are happy to announce that our “Squirrel Appreciation” Day was a huge success!  To show the squirrels some love, our Kindergarteners set up a feeding station outside (birdseed in an overturned Frisbee), to keep their little bellies full.  We hunted for squirrel tracks outside, and Silly Squirrel surprised us in the Mystery bag.  We also played a “Hiding Squirrel” game and read about a Day-In-The-Life-Of-A-Squirrel.  Lots of fun was had by all!