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Kindergarten News

November 2018

This past month flew by in a flurry of Halloween activity!  We’ve solved mysteries, learned a new spooky finger-play, made pumpkins, jack o ’lanterns, mummies, spiders, & bats (in the art centre), read numerous scary stories, and brewed up some “monster stew” during circle time.  It’s hard to believe that it’s all behind us for another year!

In the past few days, we’ve introduced several new games, during centres, and our kindergarten crew are LOVING them!  They are learning several valuable skills, while having fun with their friends; . . . turn-taking, cooperative play, fine motor skills, letter recognition, sorting, matching, and following patterns.  They are putting together puzzle pieces to create simple words/pictures, sorting shapes/colours to fill their plates with pizza (don’t get stuck with the bugs, or you’ll have to throw your pizza in the garbage!), and using collected number pairs to win “Go Fish!”.  We’ll continue to challenge these intelligent little beings, as we have a cupboard full of games & puzzles just waiting for us to explore!

Perhaps you’ve noticed a few extra “holes” amongst our kindergarten class.  The ones in their mouths, that is!  Several of our friends have started to lose their teeth, which has created quite a bit of excitement in our classroom!  We’ve read several books on the subject; . . . “Moose’s Tooth”, “Hippo’s Tooth Trouble”, and “Andrew’s Loose Tooth”.  And we have all agreed that tying your tooth to a rope (that is attached to a car), is NOT the best way to pull out a loose tooth!!!  We’ll be following up some common kindergarten inquiries, to try and figure out . . . just what the tooth fairy does with all of the teeth that he/she collects.  Are they used to build something?  Do they get recycled?  Do pets lose their teeth, too?  Can the tooth fairy REALLY fly with a bag full of teeth?  Stay tuned, as we’re sure to get some answers for you!

As always, . . . our kindergarten crew have been practicing their “kind & caring” skills.  And everyone is looking forward to our upcoming “World Kindness Day” celebrations on Tuesday, November 13th!

Just a reminder Friday, November 16th is a P.D. day for both boards. Please let us know of your childcare needs that day.