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KINDERGARTEN NEWS                                                                                                                   September 2018


Reflecting back on the summer months, I think it’s fairly safe to say, that we have had LOTS of fun (in our Kindergarten room) over the past several weeks.

Our crew can recognize each and every planet in the solar system, recite several facts about each, and even place them in order from closest to farthest from the sun!  We’ve learned that Earth is the only planet that has an “atmosphere” (ring of air surrounding it), which allows for people, animals, trees, plants to breathe and grow.  We created our very own alien spaceships, turned our photos into astronauts, and transformed our walls into outer space with our fancy rocket ships.  Perhaps one of us will get to walk on the moon someday!

We had a great time exploring deep down in the ocean; . . . learning all of the things that sharks can’t do, creating sea turtles and jellyfish out of paper plates and bowls and singing “B-a-b-y Shark (do do do do do do)” more times than one dares to count!  Our crew took over the outdoor pirate ship (playground) and even dressed the part with their custom eye patches.  Ahoy, Mateys!!!

During our “Heroes” week, we were sure to thank our local firefighters (with a gigantic card) for all the fun that they’ve provided on our special water days.  They also let us tour their station, taught all of us about fire prevention and safety and let us spray their great big water hoses.  Not all heroes wear capes, or uniforms, though.  Sometimes our greatest heroes live right in our very own homes!

If you’ve noticed some different gestures from your child lately, he or she may be using sign language to say “yes, please”, or “no, thank you”.  They’ve gotten quite efficient with signing their manners, the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and even the names of some animals.  Just one of the many new languages they’ve been learning.  Our crew would like to challenge all of you to a game we like to play, called . . . “Are You Smarter Than Our Kindergarteners???”.

Along with a new month, came new opportunities, new classes, and even some new faces.  One thing, however; remains the same . . . we have some of the politest, kindest, caring, intelligent (and funny, too!) students in all of Essex County!   We will welcome our new friends and   miss those that move on, but look forward to another great year with lots of amazing adventures!  Stay tuned!