Infant Room #1 & Infant Room #2 News

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Infant Room #1

We would like to officially welcome Summer! The children have been enjoying the beautiful weather while playing outside and on our walks. On days that are too hot to go outside we have been enjoying sensory activities such as water play, sensory bags, and sensory bottles.

We have also been exploring textures such as sticky, smooth, bumpy, soft, and rough. The children have enjoyed experimenting with materials with these textures such as sticky mac tac, rough sand paper and smooth silk, just to name a few.

We were also lucky enough to see a tow truck out our window which sparked some interests. We heard words such as “big truck”, “beep beep” and “big”. We are going to use this interest to learn about transportation. We will introduce cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes to our carpet toys as well as books, pictures, and small group activities.

If you have not yet informed staff of summer vacations that your child will not be in attendance, please do so. Thank you.


Infant Room #2

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Canada Day with your family and friends.

Summer is officially here! That means the end of another ‘school year’. The next two months are sure to go quick. We look forward to everything summer has to offer.

Whether its on the playground with bikes, balls, slide, bubbles, sidewalk chalk or on a walk in our strollers. The infants love our outside time.

Thank you for letting us know of anytime you plan to be away. For those with holiday plans, we wish you wonderful trips making lots of memories.

A reminder that we close for the civic holiday on Monday, August 1st.