Infant Room #1 & Infant Room #2 News

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Infant Room #1 News

The end of summer means some of our babies will move up to our toddler room.  We wish them lots of luck as they move up to their new classrooms.  They will have lots of fun, new experiences and be reunited with some old friends.

We want to welcome all our new babies, and their families, that are joining us.  We look forward to getting to know all of you.

We have noticed an interest in throwing and rolling, which has led us to provide balls of different shapes, sizes, and textures. The teachers have been rolling balls back and forth to enhance hand-eye coordination.  Using words such as ball, roll and catch is helping to expand their vocabulary.

We are looking forward to experiencing all the exciting changes fall brings outside and are excited to observe these changes during our buggy rides.

Reminder: Story Book ELC will be closed Monday September 5th for Labour Day. We hope you enjoy your holiday!


Infant Room #2 News

Summer is over already. We hope everyone enjoyed their family vacations and adventures. We look forward to a new “school” year. We are ready for beautiful fall weather and fun curriculum.

We have been blessed to watch your babies grow. We have many ready to move on to the toddler room; which is an exciting time for both you and them. We are happy to welcome new friends to our room and wish those moving up well as they continue their learning journey.

As the weather starts to change, please leave a light sweater/jacket in your babies’ cubby.  Also switch out extra clothes if necessary.