Infant Room #1 & #2 News

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Infant Room #1

Summer is in full swing, and the babies haven been enjoying the beautiful weather as we are spending lots of time outside. We have continued working on their gross motor skills by creating an indoor playground on the carpet with a climber, trampoline, slide, and tunnel.

The babies have been learning and playing with many different types of transportation toys recently. Thomas the train is a particular favourite among them.

Another activity the babies have enjoyed is our ice sensory play. They love trying to pick it up, push it across their tray, and watching it melt.

We would like to welcome all our new little friends, and also welcome Miss Grace and Miss Megan to our room!

Reminder that if you have not sent a family photo we would love if you could so we can complete our family tree.

Story Book Early Learning Centre will be closed Monday, August 7th for the Civic Holiday and Monday, September 4th for Labour Day.


Infant Room #2

We are hoping everyone is enjoying their summer and having lots of fun making memories with your little ones. The past month our babies have been interested in music and movement activities as well as using their sense of smell to smell the flowers in the playground. This month we will be exploring and expanding these interests in many ways. Adding smelly bottles to the shelf to explore, using movement ribbons, and having a dance party are a few examples of activities we will be doing. Skills that are encouraged include social skills, playing beside their peers, and simple turn taking.

The babies have also enjoyed some water play which included dumping and filling cups as well as manipulating ice cubes. We will be continuing to do water play both inside and outside so please make sure we have extra clothes for after our messy fun!

We have a few new friends in our baby room, and we are very excited to have them. They are all doing great and seem to be enjoying their new school and friends. We would also like to welcome Ms. Courtney to our room!

Just a reminder we will be closed Monday, August 7th for the Civic Holiday as well as Monday, September 4th for Labour Day. Have a safe and happy holiday.