Infant Room #1 & #2 News

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Infant Room #1 

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas. Although the teachers in the infant room enjoyed a Christmas break, we are very excited to welcome our babies back and get back to learning, exploring, and playing.

We are looking forward to sharing some winter experiences with the infants. It’s always fun watching the babies discover snow during our stroller walks as well as playing outside in the playground for the older kids. We are also looking forward to bringing the snow inside for some sensory play as well as observing the snow melt.

Before the holidays we were very interested in “hiding and finding”. We had lots of fun exploring our new “peek-a-boo” boards with Christmas pictures as well as a shape sorting box that Ms. Ashley brought in for us that supported this interest.

Another reminder to please label all outdoor clothing to ensure that nothing is misplaced.

Please note we will have some staffing changes starting this month, the teachers in Infant #1 will now be Mrs. Vicky, Mrs. Em, Miss Alyssa, and Mrs. Jenna.


Infant Room #2

Welcome back to a New Year!

We’re all rested up and looking forward to seeing your babies again. We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love.

We had so much fun during the month of December. We loved seeing all your babies in their adorable Christmas outfits. Thank you so much for all the kind words and generous gifts. It really is a pleasure to watch your little ones grow.

We are looking forward to all the winter activities and seeing where all the babies’ interests lead us.

It’s always exciting to go into a New Year knowing the possibilities are endless. Happy New Year!

Please note we will be having some staffing changes starting this month, the teachers in Infant #2 will now be Mrs. Lisa, Miss Megan, and Miss Kennin.