Infant Room #1 & #2 News

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Infant Room #1 

It’s Fall, Y’all! With the cool weather approaching we are asking parents to send hats, coats, mitten, shoes, and snow pants if needed so we can continue to get outside everyday and experience all fall has to offer. Just a reminder to double check your child’s spare clothes to ensure they are seasonally appropriate  .

We have been busy creating Fall and Halloween art to decorate our classrooms and your homes. The children love to explore with markers, bingo dabbers, paint, and sensory activities. We had so much fun exploring pumpkins and the children had fun squishing and squeezing the slimy pumpkin guts  .

We will shift our focus to forest animals as the children have loved watching the squirrels run around the playground getting ready to hibernate for winter.


Infant Room #2

Autumn is a time of change and there are so many new and exciting things to see outside. The babies have been able to see the  leaves changing and falling to the ground on our walks and in the playground.  They have really enjoyed watching the squirrels from our classroom window as they are busy collecting and hiding their food for Winter.

Our older infants have been playing in the yard, where they like to run around and go down the slide. They have been enjoying pushing the lawnmowers around and playing with the balls. Please remember to bring labelled hats, mittens, and jackets for the colder days.

We have brought the infants love of balls indoors as well. We have added an individual ball pit to our room for the babies to play and wobble in as well as exploring light up and textured balls. So much fun!