School Age News

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School Age #1

A little act of kindness goes a long way . . . was the topic of conversation, as we celebrated “World Kindness Day” on November 13th.  Our students had some AMAZING ideas to share, that demonstrated just what kindness means to them.  We followed up over the next few days, by printing our ideas on strips of paper.  As a class, we linked the papers to create our very own colourful “Classroom Kindness Chain”, which is now displayed on our bulletin board.  The book, “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” became an instant hit in our room and the students have been heard referencing it quite often!

As the colder weather has arrived (with the wind & rain), our students have enjoyed their time in the school gymnasium, playing a variety of games and rolling along on the scooter boards.  Another favourite is building forts with the large square mats (more cooperative play for the win!).

With December upon us, and the excitement of the holidays apparent, we are already starting to hear of tree trimming and “wish lists” for Santa.  Soon, we’ll be prepping for the Christmas holidays with plenty of festive crafts in the art centre.  Our official “Countdown to Christmas” will continue and Miss Kelly’s new “Finding Christmas” story (by Robert Munsch), will finally be cracked open!  Perhaps a few friends visiting from the North Pole, will find themselves in our mystery bag!

School Age #2

This month we are still interested in building. We have enjoyed designing more complex designs with Lego such as restaurants and shelters in preparation for a possible zombie apocalypse. In addition, we have begun to discuss basic needs regarding survival. Next month we hope to have discussions about our own individual hierarchy of needs and what makes us unique.

We have also focused on the importance of being kind and empathetic even when it may seem unfit or hard. We spread kindness through a various of large group activities such as creating and distributing friendship rocks and hearts of love around Essex Public School.

In the following weeks to come, we would like to give the children many opportunities to add onto their rising interests of designing and creating board games as well as starting a new novel.

Story Book E.L.C will close Friday December 22nd at 6 pm and re-open Tuesday January 2nd at 6 am. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please let the staff know of any changes to your child’s schedule due to the holiday season.