School Age News

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School Age #1:

Although, it hasn’t felt like it yet, we are excited that Fall is upon us!  We are anticipating lots of changes to our outdoor environment and look forward to observing some fallen leaves, pine cones and whatever else comes our way. The children will have the opportunity to examine the items with magnifying glasses, at our science area and during outside play.

We have been taking turns with some new cooperative games (during free play) that test our eye/hand coordination, balance, and fine motor skills.  Lots of fun is being had by all, as long as we’re careful not to “Rock the Croc”!

Our large group activities now include “fun animal facts” to accompany the “mystery bag” each day, and a newfound desire to learn sign language.  The school-agers can already recognize the first letter of their names, and are eager to learn many more signs in the days to come!  We’ll be borrowing some books from the library to assist us with this quest!

School Age # 2                                                                                                                                   

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities” ~Dumbledore, Harry Potter.

This month we have been focusing on getting to know one another through team bonding activities and group challenges, discussing mutual respect and bullying. Our interests include animals that live in the wild, our pets, skill testing and gymnastics.

As we reach the middle of our class novel, we hope to make connections between our book and the real-life world, make predictions and create our own stories.

Just a reminder we will be close Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy the holiday.