School Age News

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Our school age friends have been very interested in playing restaurant and serving their classmates and teachers. The children put a lot of work into creating the “Story Book BLD” They worked together to create a detailed menu, money and their own food. Although the children have created their own materials for their restaurant, we plan to extend their play by offering more cooking materials.

The children have also had the opportunity to go on a couple exciting trips. We’ve taken walks to Iler Lodge where we could play instruments with the residents, decorate the sidewalks with chalk and on our last visit, we had a friendly competition outside playing games like ring toss and keep the ball up with the parachute.

The children also spent some time at the Essex County library where we continued our Superhero week theme! The children were involved in various Star Wars activities, including a scavenger hunt.

As August quickly approaches we want to remind parents to please pack sunscreen, water bottles and hats. We look forward to the final month of summer and all the exciting adventures we have planned.

Just a reminder that we will be closed Monday September 4th, for Labour Day. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.