School Age News

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Spring seems to be here to stay, allowing plenty of time for us to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer!  To coincide with the evening/weekend soccer and baseball teams (all starting up for the season), we’ve had lots of opportunities to practice our ball throwing, catching, & kicking skills, out on the playground.  Wall ball is definitely a favourite amongst some of our crew, as well as basketball, soccer, & running races.  And the jump rope skills, demonstrated by our group, are sure to AMAZE you!  Needless to say, we are all keeping very active!

With the onset of the EPS track & field team, there is an abundance of new sand in the pits; . . . perfect for digging!  The school-agers have turned cooperative play into full construction zones, operating the different trucks & vehicles, to “clear the land, remove logs and other large debris, move in boulders, etc.”, and lots of communication is happening amongst them.  To further their interests, we have been talking about the materials we could gather to make a portable “indoor” construction site (large bin with lid, sand, pinecones, rocks/stones, twigs, miniature dump trucks & diggers).  Plans to implement this little project, are in the works!

Our early morning excursions have provided us the opportunity to play with light.  Due to the placement of the AM sun, we are able to cast many shadows across the play yard.  This has resulted in games of “shadow” tag, using several friends to create funny shaped shadows, moving bodies to create “motion” shadows, and standing as still as possible to prevent our shadows from moving.  We are planning to add small flashlights, pencils, & plain paper to our craft station, to encourage the school-agers to create their very own indoor shadows.

Popular shows, such as “America’s Got Talent”, and rehearsals for the EPS Talent Show, have peaked the “creative” side of some of our school-agers!  Our chairs have been rearranged, on many occasions, to accommodate our classroom audience (of peers), and impromptu “Story Book’s Got Talent” shows have been taking place.  Amongst our artists are soloists, group singing performances, comedians, and a showcase of yo-yo tricks!  You never know, we could be coming to a stage near you, soon!

We would like to extend a Happy Father’s Day to all our great dad’s, grandpa’s, papa’s, etc. Enjoy your special day.

Just a reminder Story Book Early Learning Centre will be closed Monday July 3rd for Canada Day.