Preschool Room #1 News

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The warm days are finally upon us! With the nice sunny days, we will be spending more time outdoors. If you choose to send a hat with your child please label it to avoid getting misplaced. Just a reminder that sunscreen will be applied to your child and if you wish to apply your own, please notify staff.

The children have been amused with bird watching outside. They have watched the birds build a nest and over the past few weeks we talked about the birds laying eggs in the nest. They have witnessed the birds sitting on the eggs and of course leading up to the hatching of the baby birds. It was amusing to watch how the mother bird fed her babies and then when they were old enough they could fly away. We have also talked about how important our moms are and the role they play in our lives and why we celebrate Mother’s Day.

We would like to extend a Happy Father’s Day to all our great dad’s, grandpa’s, papa’s etc. Enjoy your special day.

Reminder: With the summer fast approaching please notify the staff of any vacation time your child may have so we can plan accordingly. Thank you.

Just a reminder Story Book Early Learning Centre will be closed Monday July 3rd for Canada Day.