Preschool Room #1

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With summer in full swing, you will be happy to know that our air-conditioning is up and running. We hope that everyone has been enjoying their summer so far.

The children are having fun water and sand play both indoors and out. While engaging in these activities we are developing pre-math skills. The children especially enjoyed the water table with sponges. They are squeezing and trying to make the sponges float. Some even tried to make bubbles with them. To add to their play, we gave them various smaller objects. We encouraged the children to float the sponges in the water then try to balance the objects on top of them. We all got a bit wet!

The children are also getting good at recognizing their colours. We plan to continue talking about colours and experimenting with mixing paints in the weeks to come.

Just a reminder that we will be closed Monday September 4th, for Labour Day. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.