Kindergarten News

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The children showed an interest in many things this past month. We started out by observing nature all around us while outdoors, watching the birds and butterflies as well as catching bugs. We then re-created their habitats using many different materials.

Dinosaurs were also discussed when Ethan found a “dinosaur fossil” when digging out side in the dirt. We did research together to find out which dinosaurs eat meat or plants and why they are extinct today.

The biggest interest the children showed this month was super heroes. Designing comic strips and creating our own super heroes are just a few of the many activities we did this month.

Moving into October, Halloween will be a topic of discussion amongst the children. We will take part in many activities, games, songs and artwork to help celebrate this fun day.

Just a reminder we will be closed Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving. Hope you have a great holiday.