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Green Room News
July 2015

Yay! Summer is officially here. The children in our room have been enjoying playing outside in the water and sand tables, lawn mowers, bubbles, and paint brushes with buckets of water as they pretend to paint the house and school. The other day while the children were outside we saw a few of police cars, which started us on our new interest of community helpers.
The children have been talking about and pretending to be fire fighters, doctors, pilots, and especially construction workers. They have been very busy building all sorts of things. It has been exciting to watch all the creations the children have built.
We would also like to encourage safer foot wear. It is difficult when the children wear flip flops or crocks at school. The children have more difficulty maneuvering the stairs in the classroom, as well as playing running games outside when flip flops and crocks. Sport sandals or running shoes are recommended.
Just a reminder, we will be closed Monday, August 3rd for the Civic Holiday. We hope everyone has an enjoyable long weekend.