Toddler Room News

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This past month the children have been noticing the airplanes, cars, buses and big trucks outside. They like to talk about what they see, what colour it is and how fast or slow they are going. When it’s an airplane we notice they watch until it’s out of sight and many of them wave and say “bye, bye.”

Due to this interest, we have decided to take the opportunity to learn more about transportation. We have brought out several different vehicles to ride on. The favorite is the motorcycle. We have also focused on songs about transportation and activities such as roads taped to the table for them to drive on.

Since the colder weather is here, we would like to remind parents that we do spend 1 hour outside in both the mornings and afternoon. It is therefore very important that each child is dressed warm enough to enjoy this time. It is not too early for snow pants, hats and mittens!

We are having a toy /canned good drive for the Salvation Army. All donations must be collected by Wednesday December 13th. Boxes for these items are available in the front entrance, if you choose to participate.

Story Book E.L.C will close Friday December 22nd at 6 pm and re-open Tuesday January 2nd at 6 am. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It is our pleasure to share in the joy of seeing Christmas through the eyes of the children.

Please let the staff know of any changes to your child’s schedule due to the holiday season.